Screw to Knee aims at reminding the world that it's OK to take a beat, study the facts, examine the situation and give critical opinions, all whilst keeping an open mind and with both feet planted firmly on the floor.

Screw To Knee is the brain child / passion project / loveable off-shoot of the Antwerp based non-profit company, Ion Tribe vzw. Founded by Luke Jessop, Ion Tribe is an arts organisation aimed at promoting scientific literacy through artistic creations, primarily dance-theatre work. What is scientific literacy you might ask? Well, what it's not is the ability to recite spurious facts about the distance between this planet and that planet, or knowing the Periodic table by heart. It's more, having a general understanding of the processes of life and how they work and (crucially) understanding how it is that we know what we know about them.

So what is Screw to Knee about?
Screw To Knee is a result of this desire for a more scientific way of thinking. Our core message behind the clothing brand is to promote:

Nuanced perspectives
Life is complex, and it doesn't serve anyone well to be an ideologue or single-minded. We can hold opposing views on difficult subjects.

Brutal honesty
One way to spiral downward in life is to not be honest with others and especially with yourself. Sometimes we have to be painfully introspective to move forward.

Willingness for conversation
Denying or cancelling out opposing views is a sure way to create polarisation and division. The mature ability to hold conversation without screaming "Do you really believe that you fucking idiot?" will (not-surprisingly) lead to better outcomes.


Who we are...specifically

Both Screw to Knee and Ion Tribe are run primarily by Luke Jessop. Born and raised in UK, but refined in Belgium. Luke is a choreographer/dancer/artistic director. Having danced for some of the most prolific contemporary companies in the world, Luke founded Ion Tribe in 2017 to pursue his own creative outlet.

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