• screw to knee, nuanced clothing for complex people

    Nuanced clothing, for complex people.

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Life is complex

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Something for everyone.

Screw To Knee represents open minded-ness, listening to opposing opinions, becoming actively introspective and constantly striving towards truth. Therefore our products represent virtues that hopefully everyone can embrace. Be it a t-shirt that shouts that you're an individual, or a crop top which says you're willing to listen. Our clothing line has something for all.

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A team, full of individuals.

Screw To Knee is dedicated to promoting healthy conversation between those who might normally disagree. The beauty of life is that we don't ever have to just be one thing. We can hold more interesting combinations of opinions. One thing that doesn't help though is demonisation of oppposing thoughts. We strive to make our clothing the first step in the door towards finding rational compromise.